Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Microsoft buys SpringSource - Or did it?

InfoQ article  reported that Microsoft is buying SpringSource for the sum of $1B.

Although there are sure to be mixed feeling about this in both the .NET and Java communities,  here are a few items of note to pay attention to when reading (or re-reading) the article and watching or(re-watching) the video:

  • Microsoft has made  a large investment into its own version of MVC framework, as well as development of Routing API.  Both items are equivalents of Spring MVC and Sptring WebFlow.
  • Article mentions that every windows install will be Spring Beans enabled.  Although Spring is a nice framework, there is little reason to install Spring Beans framework on every desktop.
  • Next version of Windows called SpringHorn".  No need to explain anything here, doubt that name would be approved by any marketing guys. (unless SpringSource buys Microsoft)

Knowledge is power.  If you take a careful look at the MIX 08 and other information being delivered as part of ASP.NET site, you will notice that this feels and sounds like a very clever April fools joke.

Although I have to say, weirder things have happened before (like Time Warner buying AOL)


Happy April!