Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Integrated Healthcare - Real Life

Many people tout the notion of integrated health care.   It is until you are faced with the challenges of taking care of those around you do you realize the benefits.

I had an unfortunate incident with my child take me all the way to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).  As a #1 Children's hospital in nation it is what a hospital should be.  A state of the art facility, where technology enables staff to do one thing, care for its patients.

As we were going through the motions of assessing the state of things in the ER, I began noticing how all of the systems were seamlessly working together,  the monitors, alarms, medications, X-ray machine, EMR, were humming together in unison.

Later as we moved to a patient room, it was clear that everyone WAS on the same page.   Doctors, nurses and other staff carried handheld devices that told them where they needed to be at any point in time by the "super computer" decision support system.

There we were in a state of being fully informed, content and calm.  We were visited by physicians, nurses, and other assistants that told us how things were, what is to come...  

If you think about it, not only this experience has made me a true believer that this was actually possible... I am sure that this experience is also saving CHOP considerable amount of money.  

The experience of being connected is not unique to just healthcare,  financial industry, homeland security, manufacturing and other industries may want to learn from what CHOP did to provide a fully integrated customer experience.

Thank you CHOP, for the service, the care, the experience.

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